What People are Saying

“Life Simplified 360 has been a game changer for my business.  I purchased a stagnant franchise that had few systems.  I received very little training and back of house was organized inefficiently.  3 months later I was introduced to Nancy & Gary and my vision for my business started to gain traction.  Their efforts got me down a path that would have taken me 2 years to accomplish on my own and they did it all in about 6 weeks. They got me from working “in” my business to working”on” my business.  They are trustworthy, hardworking and were interested in solutions that worked for me,in my style, and in my pace.  I will use their services again and again and strongly recommend that others do too.  They are a community treasure.” 

-Stacey, Franchise Owner

“Gary and Nancy are absolute angels.  Warm, friendly and efficient.  Any business that has the opportunity to work with Life Simplified should without a doubt embrace the opportunity.”

-Jessica, Retail Store Owner

“You have given us encouragement.  It is a great gift.  You guys are amazing. Thank you for all you are doing.” 

-Tim and Andrea, Business Owners